Soccer Association Registrar Program for STYSA Registrars

Association Registrar Program 2005-2006 for Access 97 or Runtime

In order to update or install the Soccer Association
Registrar Program 2005-2006, do the following:

1) To update your program: Click on the first link below and choose the "Save To Disk" or "Save Target As" option in your browser.  You should save the file to your Desktop.  If you are currently running Version 05.09.15a or greater, double-click on the file you saved to your desktop.  Remember, any version starting with anything other than "05." is an earlier version.  The version number of the program can be located by checking the bottom title bar of the main menu.  Once the files have expanded, delete the file you saved to your desktop. You now have the most current version of the program.  Remember, it does no harm to update the program.  Your data files are not affected.  This update is only for those already using Version 05.09.15a or greater.

2) If you are not working with any version of the Soccer Association Registrar program or you are running a version earlier than 05.09.15a, you must download the full program and data file version from the second link below.  Again, everyone needs to install this full version the first time you download for Seasonal Year 2005-2006.  After that, you should only download and install the updates.  If you are not running any version of the program, first download the full version, then, if you wish, you can call the STYSA State Office at the number listed below and ask them to send you the most current version of your data files from the STYSA database.  That data file can be e-mailed to you only upon approval by your Association Registrar or the STYSA State Office (unless you are already listed as a Association Registrar in information provided by your Association).

If you have any questions or problems, you may call Ray Thomas in the evenings between 6:30 and 9:00 or on weekends at home at (512) 863-4496 or e-mail Ray at

If you are not already working with the program but wish to try it out, you must download and install the full program version file in the second link below.  You'll need to contact Ray Thomas at the number above to obtain a password.  Your STYSA registrar or the STYSA Office must approve all initial access to this program.  This program is only available to all STYSA Member Associations and their affiliates. 

If you need compression software in order to send your data to your Association Registrar, download the WinZip shareware.

Soccer Association Registrar Program 2005-2006 Update (Ver. 05.09.15a)

Do not download the file below if you are already working with any version of the program

Full Version of the Soccer Association Registrar Program 2005-2006

Download the WinZip Evaluation Version Below

Winzip 8.1 Shareware