Howdy, folks:  The 2005-2006 version of the Soccer Club Registrar is available at Soccer Club Registrar.

1. Please download the full version appropriate to your Microsoft Access version from that link.  As always, you should right-click on the link and choose either "Save Target As", "Save Link Target As" or "Save File As", depending on your browser, and choose Desktop as your save location.  After you've completed that process, you may close your browser.  You will then see on your desktop a new file - either "97fullregistration.exe" or "2000fullregistration.exe", depending on your Access version.  If you see a new file with other than one of those two names, you've download the wrong file - the program update - and you should right-click and delete the downloaded file and re-download the correct file.  You must download the full program version the first time you install the 2005-2006 Seasonal Year program - and only the first time.  Thereafter, after you've begun data entry, never download the full version - only the program update.

2.  Double-click the new file on your desktop.  When you do, a WinZip Self-Extractor window will pop up.  Do not change the "Unzip to folder" path.  Click on the "Unzip" tab in the upper right corner.  When you do, you'll be prompted for a password.  Please enter "stysa20052006" without the quotes.  The password is case-sensitive and must be lower case.  14 files should be unzipped.  Then either click OK or hit the Enter key.  You should then click on the "Close" tab.

3.  You should now have a new desktop shortcut named "Club Registrar 2005-2006" with a soccer ball icon.  You should double-click on that new icon to open the new program.  Then click "Club Registrar - Utilities".  Next click "Set Up for New Seasonal Year".  When you do, you'll get two warning messages about deleting all your data - this is OK - it's simply making sure your data file is clean before importing last year's data files.  You'll then get several informational messages about the process.  Simply click OK to each one.  You will probably get one error message saying the program can't append all the players.  This should be a fairly small number of players and represents all the players in your last year's data base who are too old for the 2005-2006 seasonal year.  Click the Yes button if this occurs.  You will then get more informational messages and possibly two requests for parameters - simply click OK for all these.  The last will inform you that you are ready for the new seasonal year.  You're ready to go.  I would recommend that you right-click on and delete the old "Club Registrar 2004-2005" shortcut on your desktop so as to avoid confusion about which program you're in.  Doing so does not affect last year's data files.

4.  From this point on the process is the same as ever - locate and activate your returning players, add your new players, locate and activate your returning adults, add your new adults and then you're ready to add new teams and assign adults and players to those teams.  As always, if you have questions, you can reach me in the evenings and on the weekends at (512) 863-4496.

There were several new fields and many new features in last year's version of the program.  These include background check fields for adults, suspension fields for adults and players, which should warn you if you try to activate a suspended individual, built-in help files, built-in program update links, built-in backup and export to spreadsheet features, Association-specific menus (for example - TYSA needed the ability to export files in spreadsheet format in order to interface with their web site program), and many other enhancements.  All the help files open your default web browser and open the appropriate file in "C:\Soccer Club Registrar\Documentation".  Those help files are also available as Word documents in that same folder.

I'm looking forward to working with you again this year.

Ray Thomas